The People of Inside Australia

Photograph © Ashley de Prazer

Photograph © Ashley de Prazer

In June 2002, Antony Gormley set up a body scanner in the Menzies Town Hall.

It had come all the way from California, and was on its way to the Fox Studios in Sydney. It was one of those incredibly expensive high-tech devices that Hollywood was using to scan (or map) the human body for use in animation and other special effects.

While a sign near the entrance of the Menzies Hotel states that its minimum dress standard is “shirt, shorts & thongs”, getting the residents of Menzies to lower this standard in the name of art was a challenge. Gormley was wanting the good citizens to strip off and present their nakedness for scanning in the Tardis-like booth. Ultimately, over 50 individuals took up the challenge, mostly locals but also some out-of-towners.

Today, they are ‘immortalised’ on the surface of Lake Ballard. They have become Gormley’s ‘Insiders’. They are, in alphabetical order:

  • Deanne Blizzard
  • Estelle Blizzard*
  • Danielle Brennan
  • Alana Cameron
  • Ross Cashin
  • Kevin Corbett
  • Nathan Corbett
  • Chris Deavin
  • Ashley de Prazer
  • Jasmine Dobbie
  • Jeanette Dobbie
  • Jill Dwyer
  • Matthew Dyson
  • Christine Earnshaw
  • Robert Earnshaw
  • Darrell Eldridge
  • John Finlayson
  • Kath Finlayson
  • Richard Graham
  • Allan Henderson
  • Janet Henderson
  • Andrew Howse
  • Anthea Johnston
  • Camille Johnston
  • Jayden Johnston
  • Louise Johnston
  • Natasha Johnston
  • Simon Jones
  • Aileen Kelly*
  • Brett Kuzimski
  • Keith Mader
  • Samantha Mazza
  • Alison McArdle
  • Rachel McAuliffe
  • Gus Miller
  • Tracey Milner
  • Rob Money
  • Phillip Parker
  • Tiffany Pierce
  • Jennifer Reid
  • John Reid
  • Vashti Sambo
  • Kyra Shepherd
  • Chadwick Tucker
  • Gary Tucker
  • Ian Tucker
  • Joan Tucker
  • Kaylene Tucker
  • Kellie Tucker
  • Josie Williams
  • Lorraine Williams

*Sadly, some of the people scanned by Gomley in 2002 are no longer living.