Getting to Lake Ballard

Of course, getting to Lake Ballard depends on your starting point. The further away you are, the bigger the adventure.

Assuming you’ve found yourself in Western Australia’s Goldfields, you can only make your way to Lake Ballard by road.  Most visitors approach the INSIDE AUSTRALIA site via the town of Menzies, but there is also road access from the west, as shown on Google Maps.

Most commonly, visitors approach Menzies and Lake Ballard from the south (via Kalgoorlie-Boulder), from the north (via Leonora), and from the north-east (via Laverton):

  • From Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Lake Ballard is approximately a 2-hour drive (sealed and unsealed surfaces).
  • From Leonora, Lake Ballard is approximately a 1-hour 40-minute drive (sealed and unsealed surfaces).
  • From Laverton, Lake Ballard is approximately a 3-hour drive, depending on the route taken (sealed and unsealed surfaces)

Following heavy rain events, it is usual for the 51km stretch of unsealed road between Menzies and the Lake Ballard INSIDE AUSTRALIA site to be closed. If the rain has been particularly heavy, it is not uncommon for the road to be closed to all traffic for several days. Information on road closures can be obtained by listening to ABC Local Radio or by contacting the Menzies Visitor centre for updated conditions.


Weather conditions permitting, it is possible to undertake the 51km drive between Menzies and Lake Ballard in a standard non-4WD vehicle. However, care must be taken at all times to drive at a safe speed for the prevailing road surface conditions (and, of course, within the maximum allowed speed limits). Wandering livestock and wildlife is a regular hazard for all drivers. Courtesy towards on-coming vehicular traffic is a must, including slowing down and ensuring enough room for safe passing.

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